Lyrics Apple Tree

About the rich ripe round red rosy apples they call forbidden fruit
What I'm about to say is confidential so promise you'll be mute
Because if every creature in the garden knows
They'll come around like hungry buffaloes
And in no time they'll be none of those precious apples left for you and me
Now in the average apple you're accustomed to skin seeds flesh and core
And you'll find that these are special apples that give you something more
Why every seed contains some information you'll need to speed your education
The seeds indeed of all creation are here
Why be foolish my dear Come with me To that tree
With every sweet and juicy luscious bite of this not-forbidden fruit
You'll see your mind expand and your perceptions grow and more and more acute
And you can teach him plumbing and philosophy
New techniques for glazing pottery
Woodcraft First-aid Home economy
Madam Adam will be overjoyed
When he becomes aware of your attainments he'll beam with loving pride
And he will say Oh Eve you're indispensible please don't leave my side
And with your nifty new-found education
He'll relish every conversation
While you'll be Adam's inspiration this way
Just an apple a day Wait and see
Come with me To that tree