Lyrics Just A Heartbreak Ago

If this time really is goodbye
Then I won't try to change your mind
I'll let you go without a word to say

And I won't call you when we part
Or write you letters from the heart
I won't bother you in any way

But I'll still see your face
In all the old places
I'll still miss the warmth
Of those last long embraces

And the cold winter nights
When we walked through the snow
And the things that we said
Just a heartbreak ago

I'll still put a ring round the 3rd of September
I'll still run to the phone and then I'll remember
There'll be no gentle voice whispering a 'hello'
Like there once used to be just a heartbreak ago

Just a heartbreak ago
You were here by my side
I'm still missing you so
And it's hard to hide

But I'll try to forget
That your perfume still lingers
Your eyes when we met
And the brush of your fingers

The shine of your hair
In the candlelight glow
On the night that I lost you
Just a heartbreak ago

I'll still call your name
Feel your head on my shoulder
I'll still feel the same
Though the years may grow older

I'll try to pretend
That the pain doesn't show
When I think how I lost you
Just a heartbreak ago