Lyrics When You Become A Man


When you become a man The world is eager to tell you so
Although those days of climbing trees and ABCs don't seem so long ago
Swing swing up to the sky
Mind the sun don't get in your eye
Wash your hands It's time for bed
Shoot The bad man Bang He's dead

When you become a man
You're just a boy who wants bigger toys
Your toys are things like pretty girls with teeth like pearls Instead of toy cowboys
Get up Daddy Play with the ball
Please may I walk on that wall
Let me jump I know that I can
But when will I become a man

But when you're a man you must fight for success
It doesn't come easy You'll have to confess
You'll ask yourself why What is it all for
Until you fall in love Then you'll find even more
But when you become a man
Those bachelor days soon hurry by
They fly Those days of taking hearts and breaking hearts
With a very fast goodbye
Come to me baby Turn down the light
You're gonna learn the meaning of sin tonight
Since I've met you I've never been the same
And by the way What's your second name

When you become man
You'll want a son named after you
So you've got to take a wife And build a life
Before your days are through
Wash the kids They're in a mess
Look at his knees Will you look at her dress
And why do they scream and fight all day through
When I was a kid
When I was a kid I was just like them too
When you become a man
You'll lead the way for them to follow you
You'll try to make their dreams come through
But you will want to do all that you can
When you become a man