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Ev'rybody Falls In Love With Someone
/ Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Decca F10816 11/1956  


Gone With The Wind
/ My Old Flame

Decca F10839  1957  


The Garden Of Eden
/ Love Me Do
(Norwood) ( Klein / Ebb)
(Accompaniment directed by Malcolm Lockyer)

Decca F10845 04/1957


My House Is Your House
/ The Bean Song

Decca F10870 04/1957  


I'll Never Have A Sweetheart
/ Golden Age

Fontana H115 1958  


The Story Of Ireland
/ Another Time Another Place

Fontana H122 04/1958  


Prisoner Of Love
/ Have Guitar Will Travel

Fontana H167 12/1958  


Love Walked In
/ I'll Know Her
(Eric Boswell) (I & G Gershwin)
(Credited to Matt Munro)
(Accompaniment directed by Ron Goodwin / Tommy Watt)

Parlophone R4638 1960  


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Portrait Of My Love
/ You're The Top Of My Hit Parade
(Ornadel / West) (Montagu) PARLOPHONE
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R4714 11/1960 #3


Quite Suddenly
/The Ghost Of Your Past

Ember EMB S 120 01/1961  


My Kind Of Girl
/ This Time

Parlophone R4755 03/1961 #5


Can This Be Love
/ Why Not Now
(Greer / Ling) (Fisher / Kretzmer)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R4775 05/1961 #24


Gonna Build A Mountain
/ I'll Dream Of You
(Bricusse / Newley) (Dan / Carsons)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R4819 09/1961 #44


Softly As I Leave You
/ Is There Anything I Can Do
(John Harris / A. De Vita) (Daniels)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R4868 01/1962 #10


When Love Comes Along
/ Tahiti
(MacDermot / Ryan) (Hill Bowen / Hudsmith) PARLOPHONE
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R4911 05/1962 #46


My Love And Devotion
/ By The Way

(Milton Carson) (King / Junkin)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R4954 10/1962 #29


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One Day
/ I've Got Love
(Mulcahy / Bryson) (King / Junkin)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R4995 04/1963  


Leave Me Now
/ The Girl I Love
(Tobias) (King /Junkin)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R5019 04/1963  


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From Russia With Love
/ Here And Now
(Lionel Bart) (King / Junkin)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R5068 10/1963 #20


I Love The Little Things
/ It's Funny How You Know

Parlophone R5103 02/1964  


Somewhere/ I Love You Too
(Sondheim / Bernstein) (Jacques / Ryan)
(Orchestra conducted by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R5150 06/1964  


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Walk Away
/ Around The World
(Black / Jurgens) (Victor Young)
(Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence/ Buddy Bregman)

Parlophone R5171


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For Mama
/ Going Places
(Aznavour / Gail / Black) (Black / Spence)
(Orchestra conducted by Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R5215 12/1964 #36


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Without You
/ Start Living
(Jurgens / Black) (Shakespeare / Black)
(With Johnnie Spence)

Parlophone R5251 03/1965 #37


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/ Just Yesterday (Mine Your Love Was Mine)
(Lennon / McCartney) (Sigman / Ogermann) PARLOPHONE
(Accompaniment directed by George Martin / Johnny Scott)

Parlophone R5348 10/1965 #8


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Beyond The Hill
/ How Do You Do

Parlophone R5397 01/1966  

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Click to enlarge; sheet music cover Born Free
/ Other People

Capitol CL15436 03/1966  


Honey On The Vine
/ My Best Girl

Capitol CL15448 06/1966  


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Wednesday's Child
/ When You Become A Man

Capitol CL15477 11/1966  


The Lady Smiles
/ Where In The World
(Ernie Dunstall) (Kaempfert / Rehbein)
(Arranged and conducted by George Martin / Sid Feller)

Capitol CL15496 03/1967  


What To Do
/ These Years
(Stillman / Ortolani) (Hamilton / Fascinato)
(Orchestra arranged and conducted by Sid Feller)

Capitol CL15506 06/1967  


Release Me
/ Pretty Polly
(Michel Legrand / Don Black) (E. Miller / Williams / Yount / Harris)
(Orchestra arranged and conducted by Johnnie Spence / Billy May)

Capitol CL15518 10/1967  


One Day Soon
/ Yours Alone (Ce Soir Ou Jamais)
(Francis Lai / Don Black) (E. Marnay / C. Solly)
(Arranged and conducted by George Martin)

Capitol CL15541 03/1968  


The Music Played
/ All That Remains

Capitol CL15551 05/1968  


The Impossible Dream
/ Come Back To Me
(Lane / Lerner) (Leigh / Darian)
(Arranged and conducted by Billy May / Sid Feller)

Capitol CL15573 12/1968  


Alguien canto

Capitol CSL 2318 1968  


acida libre

Capitol CSL 21297 1969  


All Of A Sudden
/ That's The Way It Goes
(Don Black / Leonardo Schultz) (Dennis King / John Junkin)
(Arranged & conducted by Kenny Clayton)

Capitol CL15585 03/1969  


When I Fall In Love
/ Southern Star
(Georges Gavarentz / Don Black) (Young / Heyman)
(Arranged by George Martin) (Arranged and conducted by David Whittaker)

Capitol CL15597 05/1969  


(L. Schultz) (King / Junkin / Schultz)

CAPITOL (Spain) 1969  


On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
/ On Days Like These
(Quincy Jones / Don Black) (Burton Lane / Alan . J. Lerner)
(Arranged by Kenny Clayton) (Musical direction by Sid Feller)

Capitol CL15603 07/1969  


Just A Heartbreak Ago
/ Pickin' Up The Pieces
(Bobby Goch / Paul Anka) (Tony Macauley / John Macleod)
(Arranged by John Cameron / Kenny Clayton)

Capitol CL 15628 02/1970  


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Wer're Gonna Change The World
/ You're Closer To Me
(D. Matthews / T. Harris) (Goemans / Bridges) CAPITOL
(Arranged and conducted by Kenny Clayton / Johnnie Spence)

Capitol CL 15643 06/1970  


If There Ever Is A Next Time
/ You Made Me So Very Happy
(Ron Grainer / Don Black) (B. Gordy Jnr / P. Holloway / F. Wilson / B. Holloway)
(Accompaniment arranged and conducted by Kenny Clayton / Harry Robinson)
* From Film ‘Hoffman’

Capitol CL 15647 07/1970  


(‘The Impossible Dream’ / ‘Two People’)
(M. Leigh / J. Darion – Adapted – J. Lopez Rubio)
(Don Black / Denis King – Adapted – J. Corcega)

EMI (Spain) 1970  


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Mama Packed A Picnic Tea
/ Isn't It A Pity

Columbia DB 8788 05/1971  


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This Way Mary
/ Wish Now Was Then

Columbia DB 8860 02/1972  


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Curiouser And Curiouser
/ The Me I Never Knew
(John Barry / Don Black) (1972)
(From ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’)
(Orchestra arranged and conducted by Colin Keyes)

Columbia DB 8936 10/1972  


(Love Theme from ‘The Godfather’ / Two People)
(Nino Rota) (Don Black / Dennis King – adapted: J. Corcega)

ODEON (Spain) 1972  


(Hawker / Bennett) (Janssen / Gross)
(Accompaniment arranged and conducted by George Martin / Mike Vickers)

Columbia 1972  


I Am
/ I Am In Life

Columbia DB 8988 04/1973  


And You Smiled
/ There Ya Go
(Jack Trombey / Taggart) (Larson / Belland)
(Arranged and conducted by Zack Laurence / Lew Warburton)
* From TV Series ‘Van Der Valk’ (‘Eye Level’)

EMI 2091 11/1973  


Darling Come Home Soon
/ How Could I Ever Leave You *
(Greenaway / Stephens) (Greenaway / John Scott)
(Arranged and conducted by John Cameron / Zack Lawrence)
* Vocal version of ‘Midweek’ Theme

EMI 2186 07/1974  


You And Me Against The World
/ So Little Time
(Williams / Ascher) (Chiaramello / Owen) EMI
(Arranged and conducted by Peter Knight, Snr)

EMI 2273 03/1975  


All The Wishing In The World
/ You're Sensational
(Don Black / Stanley Myers) (Porter)
(Arranged and conducted by Stanley Myers / Colin Keyes)
(From the film ‘The Wilby Conspiracy’)

EMI 2329 07/1975  


The Little Things
/ By Her Side

EMI 2446 06/1976  


/ Michelle

EMI 2454 04/1976  


If I Never Sing Another Song
/ Mama packed A Picnic Tea
(Black / Jurgens / Alexandra) (Matthews / Warne) EMI
(Arranged and conducted by Mike Vickers / Colin Keyes)

EMI 2609 04/1977  


If I Never Sing Another Song
/ We're Gonna Change The World

Columbia DB 9060 01/1979  


Born Free
/ We're Gonna Change The World

Capitol CL 16126 03/1980  


The Precious Moments ("Sea Wolves" Theme)
/ May Each Day
(Richard Addinsell / Leslie Bricusse) (Mort Green / George Wyle)
(Arranged by Roy Budd) (Arranged by Martin Ford / John Bell; conducted by Martyn Ford)

EMI 5087 06/1980  


/ Beyond The Hill

EMI 5194 06/1981  


You Bring Out The Best In Me
/ I Don't Want To Run Your Life

Columbia DB 9097 10/1984  


With Matt Monro Jnr
(Also includes ‘Born Free’ by Matt Monro *)
(T. Harris / D. Matthews) (B. Russell / B. Scott) (John Barry / Don Black)
(Arranged by Bradley and Stewart James) (Arranged by John Barry*)

EMI 13/04/95  




Songs For Swingin' Sellers
(by Peter Sellers, incl. "You Keep Me Swingin' "
by Fred Flange)

Parlophone GEP 8822 also stereo SGE 2013 02/1961  


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Matt Monro

Parlophone GEP 8839 09/1961  


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Matt's Kind Of Music

Parlophone GEP 8849 02/1962  


The Monro Style

Parlophone GEP 8860 09/1962  


Matt Monro Sings "From Russia With Love"

Parlophone GEP 8889 11/1963  


A Song For Europe

Parlophone GEP 8898 03/1964  


Walk Away

Parlophone GEP 8926 12/1964  



Parlophone GEP 8932 04/1965  


I Have Dreamed

Parlophone GEP 8949 03/1966  


(Born Free / Alfie / Georgy Girl / A Time For Love /Strangers In The Night / A Man And A Woman / Moment To Moment / I Will Wait For You / In The Arms Of Love / Theme From ‘The Sandpebbles’ / Wednesday’s Child)
(Coin operated phonograph issue)



Alguien Canto / De Repente Un Dia (Spain) /
The Music Played / One Day Soon
(Udo Jurgens / M. Hawker / Leonardo) (Francis Lai / Don Black)

CAPITOL 1968  

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